Palm Art Award 2012


Ralph Hübschmann - Germany

   Artist: Ralph Hübschmann

 Title: "By the Sea"

Medium: sculpture: ash tree, metal alloy, boulder flint (Island/Rugia), oiled, waxed

 Size: 54 x 110 x 54 cm

 Year: 2011

   Artist: Ralph Hübschmann

 Title: "Colours of Life"

Medium: sculpture: cherry tree, agate, oiled, waxed

 Size: 65 x 120 x 40 cm

 Year: 2010

   Artist: Ralph Hübschmann

 Title: "Responsibility" triptych

Medium: sculpture: appel tree, cherry tree, metal alloy, amber with insect inclusions, glaze, oiled, waxed,  

 Size: 21-33 x 49-62 x 20-27 cm

 Year: 2012

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