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PALM ART AWARD - the worldwide coveted art pricze, has been awarded to outstanding artists in the categories painting, graphics, sculpture, digital art and photography since 2002, i.e. within more than 20 years. CURRENT: In 2023 PALM ART AWARD has not taken place for the first time since then. However, the PALM ART AWARD will not be advertised again in the following years and will therefore remain closed from now.

 Palm Art Award 2023


The art prize

will not be advertised in 2023

and in the following years.


*the Palm Art Award is closed*


"We would like to thank all of our artists who have accompanied us over the years

and who have brought the PALM ART AWARD to life with their outstanding and unique submissions of their artworks, created over the past two decades.

We wish you continued good years full of creativity and success!"

The Palm Art Awards team

   The winners

of the

Palm Art Award 2022 


Main Prizes
to find at PAA 2022 Winners Page

Honourable Mention
to find at PAA 2022 Winners Page

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