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Interim Rules Arrangement for

Palm Art Award  2023/2024

Germany + Austria + Switzerland

by Art Domain Group

(last additions on May 21, 2023)

The art prize

will not take place in 2023.

The Palm Art Award

will most likely take place again

as usual in the year 2024.

🔸 In 2024 for the first time the PALM ART AWARD will be regionally oriented.

🔸 Participation and awarding of the nominations is therefore this time limited to artists from German-speaking countries residing in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

🔸 The PALM ART AWARD 2024 is expected to open up in January 2024!

🔸 A NOMINATION REQUEST for the PALM ART AWARD 2024, according to the new 2023/24 rules, is expected to be possible from December 17th, 2023 through the Application Form provided here from that date.

🔸 The nomination and application period for the PALM ART AWARD 2024 runs from December 17, 2023 to October 31, 2024


The Palm Art Award is aimed and awarded to artists of the media painting, graphics, fine art photography, digital art, installation and sculpture. Each participant submits 3 works.
The award will be delivered via the web and will be carried out in 3 selection steps: (1) pre-selection resp. invitation by the promoter, (2) presentation round and (3) award selection by the jury.


🔸 NEW: The PALM ART AWARD 2023 will not take place in 2023.

🔸 NEW: The PALM ART AWARD 2024 will start in January 2024 with a new concept.

The cover letters for the nominations for the PALM ART AWARD 2024 are expected to be sent out in January 2024.


The new rules arrangement will be published and available here in due time.

We look forward to seeing you again at

Palm Art Award 2024

by Art Domain Group

2010 - present
2010 - present
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